Custom Moulding / Reman Services

AHC Hardwood Group offers custom milling to your specifications. We operate a state-of-the art dimension plant capable of producing custom profiles, S4S and finger-jointed mouldings. Our rough mills include Newman 382 and 282 straight knife planers, suitable for cabinet shop finishes. We also have straight-line ripping, custom gang ripping capabilities and Weinig moulders. With computerized sorting, resaw capabilities and finger-jointing, we offer a full menu of planer mill services.

Our capabilities include:

Custom Moulding Profiles And Finger-Joint Capabilities

With more than a thousand knives, we can mill any standard or custom moulding profile desired. Custom patterns can be created to meet individualized specifications.

Solid Or Finger-Joint Blanks

We supply both solid and finger-jointed raw materials used for the molding, door and furniture industries. Finger-jointed blanks are free from defects such as knots, resin pockets and cracks.

Straight-Line Ripping

Most 4/4 domestic species are stocked S2S and straight-line ripped, one edge. Our straight-line saws are equipped with laser lights to provide a “glue line” edge with minimal waste

Gang-Ripped Blanks

Customers with moulding capabilities can benefit from purchasing ripped-to-width blanks. All of our distribution centers have gang-rip capabilities.


Our “surfaced-four-sides” inventory is comprised of basswood, cypress, maple, pine, poplar and red oak. These species are available in standard widths, ranging from 2″ faceplate to 12″ boards.

Custom Mouldings And Sanded Profiles

We operate a state-of-the art dimension plant capable of producing custom profiles in a broad selection of hardwoods.

Custom Flooring And Paneling, With End-Matching Capabilities

When you select the species and grade from our wide range of hardwood species, we can create flooring or paneling, with tongue and groove or v-joint patterns.

For custom orders, you can choose from a wide variety of domestic and imported hardwood species. For more information about custom orders, please contact us at 706.865.3166

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