Literature Guide

Corporate Brochure

For information about our family of forest product companies and our operations throughout s in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, take a look at our Atlanta Hardwood Corporation and AHC Hardwood Group corporate brochure.

Export and Import Literature

AHC Export Lumber supplies the worldwide market from more than 30 sawmills located in the Appalachian region of the eastern United States. For additional information about AHC Export Lumber, select the image to the left to download a copy of our brochure.

AHC木业出口公司向全球木材市场提供产自美国东岸阿帕拉契山脉30多家锯木厂的板材。 如需要了解更详细的信息,请选择右边的图像下载中文简介。

More than 30 species of imported hardwoods are available through our import division, AHC Import Lumber. Before you make your next purchase, please review our brochure to see how we may be able to meet your imported lumber needs

AHC Distribution Literature

The AHC Distribution product catalogue includes an overview of all of the products stocked in our distribution center, from hardwood lumber to architectural panels. To explore our catalogue in detail, please select the catalogue image for a downloadable PDF file.

For technical assistance with specifying veneer or for a list of species available, please review the Veneer and Architectural Panels Technical Reference Guide.

AHC White County Mouldings Literature

A wide variety of hardwood mouldings are available through AHC White Country Mouldings. In addition to the profiles illustrated in our catalogue, we can create custom moulding to specification. For more information, visit the AHC White County section of our site.

Spec Sheets

We offer spec sheets for a variety of our specialty lumber products, including:

Cut-to-Length Components

AHC has invested in industry-leading technology to ensure maximum productivity that meets the specialized needs of our customers, including cut-to-length dimension blanks for cabinet, furniture, and instrument components.


Cypress, with natural cypressene oils, is a decay-resistant, safe, environmentally friendly wood for exterior projects such as siding, shutters, shingles, trim, fencing and posts, with no chemical treatment necessary.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Strong enough for both residential and commercial settings, custom plank engineered wood flooring is manufactured for high performance and lasting durability.  With a hardwood top layer, and cross-grain construction, this flooring has the look and feel of traditional wood plank flooring.

Gang-Ripped, Moulder-Ready Blanks

We manufacture to your specifications, including precision-end-trimmed, defected, and cut-to-length options for moulder-ready and S4S blanks. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology means less waste and lower shipping costs.

Industrial Products

Our new industrial division can provide industrial products in cut-to-length profiles, with custom packing solutions that protect product and reduce packaging costs, and species options that include mixed hardwoods and southern yellow pine.


As one of the largest producers of specialty mouldings in the Southeast, we offer a wide variety of hardwood species, along with both standard and custom architectural profiles from our two state-of the-art manufacturing facilities.

Red Grandis

Grown on environmentally managed plantations, red grandis offers an ecological alternative to many tropical hardwoods with a distinctive, exotic appearance for both indoor and exterior applications.

Red Grandis Siding and Paneling

Red grandis is known for its beauty and dimensional stability and can be used in interior and exterior applications as siding or paneling in place of tropical hardwoods.

Siding and Paneling

Our siding and paneling capabilities provide virtually limitless options for both commercial and residential applications, with rainscreen, bevel, V-joint, and shiplap siding options and tongue-and-groove, V-joint, shiplap, and nickel-gap paneling profiles.

FSC-Certified Tali Decking

With an appealing mahogany-like grain character, tali decking is a durable, stable, long-lasting West African outdoor decking product. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to pricey exotics, such as ipe and cumaru.


Thermally modified VikingWood™ is a natural, safe, green alternative to chemically preserved wood. The deep rich-colored wood is excellent for exterior applications where weather-related decay and stability are essential.