AHC Hardwood Group Expands Remanufacturing Capabilities at Clarksville, Tennessee

Date: July, 2020

Clarksville, Tennessee (July 27, 2020) — AHC Clarksville, a division of AHC Hardwood group, has completed an expansion with the addition of remanufacturing capabilities at the Clarksville, Tennessee location. In the first month of operation, the plant processed more than 120,000 board-feet of moulding and other hardwood products.

The expansion adds 25% to the overall capacity of AHC Hardwood Group while also adding premium options of precision cut-to-length and defecting capabilities. Based on current orders, AHC Clarksville expects to double its sales by this time next year, which is also increasing available jobs in the area.

AHC Clarksville expects to produce more than 175,000 board-feet of hardwood products in the next 30 days and has the capacity to triple its first-month production. The Clarksville expansion includes a Kentwood model M609X moulder, a Kentwood model M812HS 220 moulder, a Baker model ABX band resaw, Diehl SLR model SL-52, Newman model S-382 planer, a Mereen Johnson Model DC-424 gang rip saw and Weinig model 450Xl optimizing cross-cut saw.  The capabilities offered with the Weinig saw are available in fewer than 10% of facilities in the industry.


“This new equipment gives us expanded capabilities,” says Hal Mitchell, president of AHC Hardwood Group.  Mitchell continues, “Our expertise in the industry is lumber and millwork. For decades, we’ve offered a diverse mix of hardwood lumber and finished products. Now we can offer even more. The new Weinig saw is unique.  We can run up to 8” x 8” or 4” x 16”. It will remove defects to optimize clear parts to the exact dimensions our customers need.”

Although the expansion took place under the shadow of COVID-19, sales and production are increasing ahead of schedule. While moving forward with an expansion during these times may seem unusual, Mitchell notes, “It’s often during the most difficult times that there is the greatest opportunity to redefine yourself. That’s what we are doing.”

According to Jim Howard, CEO, AHC Hardwood Group, “The Clarksville expansion is an investment in the future and a commitment to the changing landscape of the hardwood industry. We’ve seen a move away from commodity lumber and a growing demand for value-added secondary manufacturing. This reflects a long-term shift for us and the commitment we have to meeting the needs of our customers.”

AHC Hardwood Group specializes in premium hardwoods, offering more than 50 species of domestic and imported hardwoods.  According to Mitchell, “By controlling the raw material from green lumber through the supply chain to finished millwork, we can connect our customers to the world’s most renewable resource.”  For more information about AHC Hardwood Group, visit hardwoodweb.com.