AHC Logistics

Our domestic trucking fleet specializes in lumber transportation.

What We Do

Common Carrier Flatbeds

We offer flatbed common carrier capacity servicing areas from Texas to Virginia.

Freight Brokering

Let us help you meet your freight brokering needs.

Containerized Movement

Our internal export and import logistics team is available to handle your containerized shipments.

About Us

AHC Logistics is headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina. AHC Logistics not only serves freight needs for AHC Hardwood Group, but also is a licensed third-party logistics freight provider. We support freight shipments for two of our lumberyards, as well as the shipping needs of AHC White County Mouldings. As a third-party provider, AHC Logistics also specializes in handling building material freight, such as stone, steel or softwood lumber, hauled on flatbeds.

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Chris Rider

Vice President

Telephone: 1 404 792 2290

Mobile: 1 704 430 8957

Fax: 1 404 792 2294



Chris Andrews

International Logistics Coordinator
Fleet Supervisor

Telephone: 1 704 584 1027

Mobile: 1 704 439 6777

Fax: 1 704 947 1220



Laura Elk

Logistics Coordinator

Telephone: 1 706 865 3166

Mobile: 1 706 968 7280

Fax: 1 706 219 2835



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