Alder is a popular species today because of its subdued grain and fine, uniform texture. With rustic alder there is a random blend of knots, burls (swirling grain clusters) and other natural characteristics.

This versatile wood species features a fairly straight grain. The natural features of alder add character and will provide a darker texture and color when finished. It is typically used for kitchen cabinetry, doors, furniture construction, millwork, decorative woodwork, as well as for carvings.

wood-planksAlder varies in color from pale yellow to reddish brown.The softer nature of Alder makes it receptive to a variety of stains and finishes and Alder does not evolve in color or darken when exposed to light or heat as other woods do. Alder offers the look of many fine hardwoods at a value price point and is often used to imitate more costly woods. When stained, alder blends well with walnut, mahogany and cherry.

Rustic Alder doesn’t always have to end in a rustic feel. This kitchen is the perfect balance between rustic and modern elements.