Wood is your best environmental choice! Thanks to the work of our foresters, wood is a carbon neutral material. Healthy forests are net producers of oxygen through photosynthesis. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The oxygen is released back into the atmosphere, while the carbon is used by the tree and stored in the wood for the life of the tree and the products made from it.

Natural wood products are among the most energy-efficient to produce, while making products from steel, aluminum, glass, concrete, and brick can require up to 126 times more energy to manufacture.

Finally, advanced technology and manufacturing assures the least wood waste and efficient use of wood by-products. For example, tree bark becomes mulch and soil conditioners. Sawdust is used for animal bedding or as fuel for boilers to operate dry kilns. Wood trimmings can be used for paper or wood component products, such as OSB or particleboard.

No other material can compare.

Special thanks to the American Hardwood Information Center for this information.