Width Sorted Poplar Gives You Added Convenience and Value.

At AHC Hardwood Group, we offer 4/4 width sorted poplar for our customers’ convenience. Our poplar is sorted in 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10-11″, and 12” widths and is available in heavy 14 and 16 ft. lengths. Because poplar can have so much color variation, we also sort by stain. Though most of our Appalachian stock has paler sapwood.

Readily available, easily worked, and modestly priced, poplar is a consistent choice for mouldings, furniture framing, and painted cabinetry. Poplar is durable and takes paint and stain well.


Width Sorted Poplar Means Less Processing for You and More Time to Do What You Do Best.

Hardwood lumber is typically sold in random widths and lengths, but many of our customers are interested in paying a bit more upfront for width sorted lumber to simplify their manufacturing processes. Width sorted poplar allows companies to reduce their waste, increase their yield, and focus on making a high-quality product.

Our width sorted poplar is perfect for manufacturing mouldings, eliminating a company’s need to spend time and money cutting lumber to their required dimensions before milling profiles. Starting with a board close in width to the final product results in less waste, better yield, and more savings.

AHC Hardwood Group is happy to offer width sorted poplar to our customers so that they can manufacture their products as efficiently as possible.

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