A Green Alternative for Exterior Wood Uses


VikingWood™ is a natural, chemical-free material which is treated under extremely high temperatures (400oF+). Sugars are cooked away leaving a safe, green alternative to chemically preserved wood. The deep rich colored wood is excellent for exterior applications where weather related decay and stability are essential.

Available as domestically harvested poplar or ash, this product provides a Class 1 exterior durability rating. You can expect years of service with minimal maintenance from this sustainable alternative to tropical imports such as teak and ipe.


Why Use VikingWood?

Thermo-treated ash floor

Class 1 exterior durability rating – ideal for porch flooring, decking, siding, cornice mouldings.

Increased dimensional stability – moisture related shrinkage and swelling is reduced by 5 – 15 times.

Repels moisture at the molecular level and lowers the equilibrium moisture content by 50%-90%.

Enhanced visually – the finished product has an even brown color consistent to the center of the wood and the grain structure is beautifully accented.

100% chemical free – it is an extraordinarily green product, using green technology.