VerticalGrainFirWoodGrainVertical Grain Fir is one of the most distinctive looking woods in North America with its unique, straight grain pattern. Grown in the Pacific Northwest, this beautiful coastal species provides designers with a rich visual
quality and a clean look while providing exceptional stability. Long
used by builders for window casings, doors, mouldings, mantels,
flooring and framing lumber, it has become popular for use in
furniture and cabinetry.

Known for its rosy tint, VG Fir comes in varying degrees of red, pink or yellow tones. The clear, straight grain pattern, in combination with the slightly rosy tint, gives an eye-catching, unique appearance. Like cherry, the color of VG Fir will darken and redden over time when exposed to light.

Why Use Vertical Grain Fir?
• Superior strength to weight ratio; a dimensionally stable and durable product
• Attractive in its natural state but also retains paint well and stains beautifully
• Machines exceptionally well to a smooth, glossy surface
Available in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 thickness. Contact your local store for special pricing during the
month of May.