Thinking of using reclaimed wood in your holiday décor? We have one piece of advice for you – do it. You won’t regret it. Reclaimed wood adds a vintage look to your holiday decorations while adding warmth to your home. Add an even more festive look to your project by stringing holiday lights on or around your project.


Why Used Reclaimed Wood in Your Design?

Reclaimed wood is a hot trend in interiors. Reclaimed wood is popular because it blends with any style, from modern to country, adding beauty, richness, and warmth to any space. Reclaimed barn wood is also a green product, having already been in service for decades and then getting new life. Reclaimed wood is also fun and adds interest because there is often a story behind the wood itself.


What Makes Reclaimed Wood Special?

Reclaimed wood is typically weathered and worn, giving the wood a very unique patina and finish. That unique worn look is often left when using reclaimed wood in unique products. Projects using reclaimed wood bring out the richness of the grain and the unique characteristics of every piece of reclaimed lumber, giving new life to discarded wood.

In addition to adding interest to your holiday décor, reclaimed wood can also be used to make flooring, ceiling or paneling material, furniture, cabinets and a variety of other beautifully crafted work.


Where Does Reclaimed Wood Come From?

Reclaimed wood can come from a variety of sources – abandoned factories and warehouses, shipyards, old gymnasiums, and old barns. Some wood can also come from less traditional structures, such as boxcars, coal mines, and wine barrels.

hardwoodsinc_barnwoodHardwoods Inc. sources our reclaimed wood from old barns. This unique barn wood offers you a stable product to work with that can be either used rough and worn or sanded down for a new look.
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