Social media is purportedly the communications tool of the new era. As we start down the path of writing a blog, I am sincerely excited for the opportunity this gives our company to provide valuable resources for the architectural/woodworking community, while opening dialog with people who love wood.

Our vision is to create a resource that you can come to for all ideas wood, for inspiration or technical questions. When you need information or are looking for new ideas with wood, stop by and see what we’re up to. With more than 60 years in the industry, we have a lot of information to share.

As we start our adventure into the blogosphere, you’ll hear from a variety of folks who work with our company, depending on the topic at hand. Let’s take a moment to introduce some of those you will hear from regularly…

Stephanie Rodrigue – Business owner, mom and woodworker when she can find the time. Stephanie has worked in both the lumber and architecture fields, with an education in both forestry and forest products.

Hal Mitchell – Vice President, Domestic Sales of Atlanta Hardwood with a master’s degree in wood science; father of four with a liberal wife, a workaholic with a passion for wood.

Nace Austin – General Manager, Tennessee Branch, Hardwoods Incorporated; enjoys woodturning, fly fishing, photography, duck hunting and all things wood.

Jason Howard – Retail Manager, Atlanta Branch, Hardwoods Incorporated; woodworking guru and co-founder of The Woodworking Channel

Jim Howard – Second generation owner and CEO of Atlanta Hardwood and dad of three aspiring lumberjacks.