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Most Teak is a rich golden brown in color, but may also vary from rich brown to a deep, chocolate brown with dark, almost black, markings. The grain may be either straight or wavy with conspicuous growth rings. It has a coarse texture and oily feel, as well as a leather-like odor.

Formal Name: Tectona Grandis


Burmese Teak grows in Burma, Thailand and India. India provides the largest commercial resource. It has also been planted in other areas around the world, including East and West Africa and the Caribbean.

Working Properties

Teak is a medium density wood with high crushing strength and low resistance to shock. The coarse, abrasive texture of Teak makes it difficult to saw, producing a severe blunting effect. Pre-boring is recommended before nailing. It stains well and produces a beautiful finish when oiled.

Main Uses

Teak is most often used in ship-building and decking. Since it is acid-resistant, it is used in laboratories as bench tops and chemical vats. It is also used in furniture and cabinet making and in garden furniture.