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Red grandis is a versatile, fast-growing hardwood. This plantation-grown wood is relatively uniform in color with slight variations from pale to medium pink. The attractive, moderately coarse grain pattern is predominantly straight but in some cases may be slightly interlocked. It is similar in hardness, density and grain texture to mahogany and cherry. The heartwood is durable and resistant to insects, with durability and dimensional stability similar to sapele, cherry or hard maple.

Formal Name: Eucalyptus Grandis


Red grandis is plantation-grown in areas of South America, South Africa and Australia.

Working Properties

Medium-density red grandis machines well, showing good dimensional stability. The decay-resistant hardwood also works well with hand tools. The wood saws and planes cleanly. Gluing and screw-holding properties are both good. Glue block strength tests indicate similar strength to mahogany. The consistent, straight grain takes all finishes well.

Main Uses

Red grandis is a premium quality hardwood that is well suited for high-end applications such as flooring, millwork, mouldings, furniture, cabinets, windows and doors. It is consistently stable and provides an excellent alternative to mahogany and cherry. It also performs well in exterior applications such as decking, siding and trim.