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Peruvian Walnut presents a rich, dark brown heartwood with a blackish stripe that creates a desirable figure. It has a rather coarse texture, and while usually straight-grained, it is sometimes wavy or curly.

Formal Name: Juglans Neotropica

Other Names: South American Walnut, Nogal


The Peruvian Walnut tree grows throughout South America, including Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina. It also grows in areas of Mexico.

Working Properties

Peruvian Walnut machines easily with either hand or machine tools. A moderate blunting effect is to be expected on cutting edges. It holds nails and screws well, and can be glued satisfactorily. Peruvian Walnut can be stained or polished to a very good finish, and develops a rich patina that grows lustrous as it ages. Medium to dark stains are most popular for finishing Peruvian Walnut.

Main Uses

Peruvian Walnut is a popular wood for high-end furniture and cabinets, especially in combination with lighter woods to produce decorative effects. In the United States, it is the standard wood for rifle butts and gun stocks. Figured woods are sliced for veneers for paneling, cabinets and marquetry.