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African Padauk has a vividly colored heartwood, that when freshly cut appears deep red. After exposure, it turns to a deep purple-brown with red streaks. The distinct sapwood ranges in color from white to yellowish-brown. It has a lustrous surface and moderately coarse texture. The grain can be straight or interlocked.

Formal Name: Pterocarpus Soyauxii

Other Names: Camwood, Barwood and Corail

Working Properties

Padauk is a strong wood with medium resistance to shock. It is relatively easy to work with hand and machine tools, with only a minimum blunting effect. It saws well, but some tearing of interlocked grain should be expected. Sawdust is an irritant and may cause respiratory problems. It glues easily and holds nails and screws well. It can be finished beautifully by either staining or polishing.

Main Uses

Padauk is used in high-end joinery, furniture and cabinet making. It is also used for fine turnery, including decorative tool and knife handles. It can be sliced and peeled for decorative veneers.