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The heartwood is salmon pink to pale pinkish-brown or reddish-brown. It darkens with exposure to light to a mahogany-like color, and is relatively demarcated from the white to pale grey sapwood. The texture is medium to moderately fine with a slightly interlocked grain. Quarter-sawn surfaces may result in a striped or mottled figure.

Formal Name: Aucoumea klaineana

Other Names: Gaboon Mahogany, Acoume, Koumi, Ojoume, Okoume, Zouga


Okoume grows naturally throughout western and central Gabon and areas of Guinea, south to Congo and in southern Cameroon, near the border with Equatorial Guinea. The species has also been introduced to Madagascar, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, the Central African Republic, French Guiana, Indonesia, Malaysia and Surinam.

Working Properties

Worked surfaces tend to be woolly, but are work easily with both hand and machine tools, if edges are kept sharp. A silica content of up to 0.3% can blunt tungsten carbide-tipped cutters rather quickly. Okoume sands well and can be nailed without pre-boring. It also glues well.
It can be polished to a lustrous surface and accepts stain with very good results.

Main Uses

Okoume is used in a wide variety of applications, including boat building, cabinet making, cigar boxes, flooring, furniture, furniture components, interior construction, interior trim and joinery. It is also used as decorative / figured veneer and paneling, but is most commonly used in the manufacture of particleboard and plywood.