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Black Limba is a close, straight-grained timber that can sometimes have interlocked or wavy grain that produces excellent figure. It has a moderately coarse texture and open pores that require filling for a smooth surface. The color has varying degrees of brown to black, with a tinge of orange streaking. The heartwood may have grey-black streaks.

Formal Name: Terminalia superba

Other Names: Korina, Ofram, Limba, Akom, Frake and Afara


Distributed most often from the Congo, Limba is found in the rain forests of West Africa from Guinea to Cameroon.

Working Properties

Black Limba is relatively soft and easy to work. It nails, screws and glues well. It is similar in weight and density to mahogany. It stains well and is suited to a variety of finishes.

Main Uses

Black Limba veneer is popular for plywood and commonly used for fine carpentry, joinery, building and flooring. The heartwood veneer is use for highly decorative furniture and paneling.