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Avodire is an attractive wood with a golden yellow cast and a clear grain. The sapwood is very similar in color to the heartwood, which is creamy white to pale yellow, darkening with exposure to air and light to a deeper golden color. The moderately fine grain is sometimes straight, but more often wavy or irregularly interlocked, producing an unusual and attractive mottled figure when sliced or quartered.

Formal Name: Turraenanthus Africanus

Other Names: African Satinwood, African White Mahogany, African Furniture Wood


Avodire is found throughout tropical Africa, from Sierra Leone to the Congo region and Angola, as well as Liberia, Gabon, Zaire, Nigeria and Cameroon, and is most common in the eastern region of the Ivory Coast. It is usually found in dense stands in rain forests, alongside lakes and streams.

Working Properties

A medium density wood, Avodire saws well and works easily with hand and machine tools. Avodire has a silky texture that responds well to polishing and also provides attractive results when stained.

Main Uses

Sturdy and attractive, Avodire is often used for fine furniture, fine joinery, and cabinet work, as well as millwork, moldings and musical instruments. Selected veneer logs produce quality veneers with mottle, swirl, and other unique figure making an excellent choice for cabinet making. Strait grain veneers are often used in furniture production or for paneling.