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Aniegre is a blonde wood with sapwood that is not well demarcated. The heartwood ranges in tone from cream and yellowish-white to tan with a pinkish tinge, and generally presents an even color. Aniegre is about the same weight as African Mahogany with a medium to coarse texture. The texture is fine in higher wood grades. The wood is lustrous, yet siliceous, and usually has a straight grain, although wavy or mottle figure is sometimes present.


Aniegre is found throughout Africa, with commercial varieties coming mainly from the Ivory Coast. The wood was introduced, first from Tanzania, only in the late 1960s.

Working Properties

Aniegre machines very well, however, the siliceous nature of the wood causes extensive blunting of tools. It slices well, and, due to its fine, even texture, can be sliced extremely thin. This has made it a very popular wood for veneers. Aniegre has good nailing, screwing and gluing properties. Its straight grain and even texture make it a very good species for finishing. It take polish and a wide range of stains, light and dark, very well.

Main Uses

Aniegre is used for furniture and decorative furniture veneers, cabinetry and high end millwork. It is also a popular wood for plywood core stock and utility plywood.