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The sapwood is golden light brown in color and clearly demarcated from the orange-brown heartwood. The heartwood tends to be lightly streaked and turns brownish-yellow with exposure to light and air. Streaks tend to darken with exposure and may become a deep crimson-brown with bands of lighter golden brown. In appearance, Afrormosia can resemble fine-grained Teak. It usually has a straight, slightly interlocked grain with a medium to fine texture.

Formal Name: Pericopsis elata

Other Names: African Teak, Afromosia, Jatobahy, Obang, Ole, Tento


Afrormosia grows throughout areas of West and Central Africa, and is found mostly along the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, and Congo, as well as Nigeria and Zaire.

Working Properties

While Afrormosia saws well, it tends to produce a medium blunting effect on cutting tools. Pre-boring is required before nailing, with resulting good nail-holding properties. Screw holding characteristics are also good. Afrormosia also glues well and produces satisfactory staining and polishing results.

Main Uses

Afrormosia is often used in furniture , furniture components and kitchen cabinets. It is also used for boat building, shipbuilding, canoes, rustic furniture and utility furniture.