Why and When to Use Plywood

veneercoreplywoodPlywood is an extremely stable product, not subject to movements caused by temperature and humidity changes. This makes it perfect for applications where tolerances are tight, such as door panels set within stiles and rails. Typically plywood’s 4 × 8 foot sheets also make it an excellent and affordable option for applications where wide widths are needed, such as cabinets and wall panels.

A high quality panel comes from a consistent high quality manufacturing process. We have formed partnerships with manufacturers that go above and beyond. This helps us supply plywood panels with beauty, durability, and high performance.


Supplying Rockshield Aspen Core Plywood to Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama

One of the suppliers Hardwoods Incorporated is pleased to partner with is Rockshield Engineered Wood Products. We can supply Rockshield’s premium quality aspen core plywood for your next project.

Why Use Aspen Core Plywood?

The inner core of this plywood makes the product different from other kinds of plywood. The aspen inner core has similar characteristics to a poplar core but at a more economical price (priced similar to a fir core). The aspen core is also lighter in weight than both a fir and poplar core.

rockwoodveneer_samplesDue to the softer nature of aspen, it does not telegraph core imperfections to the face veneer, resulting in a smooth appearance, ideal for furniture grade finishes. Aspen core is very stable with excellent screw holding and machining qualities. The color is almost white, resulting in little color variations along the plywood edges.

Aspen creates a superior product due to its light to white color, uniform texture, good dimensional stability, and low shrinkage. The species available on the face of the aspen core plywood are: maple, cherry, walnut, hickory, knotty pine, white oak, red oak, birch, sapele, and khaya.

Uses for Aspen Core Plywood:

Kitchen cabinets
Wall paneling
Recreational vehicles
Bathroom vanities
Stair parts
Commercial millwork


The core blanks of Rockshield’s plywood are made with aspen logs from sustainably-managed forests in Northern Ontario. Aspen not only produces superior hardwood plywood, it is also a great species for sustainable forestry. Aspen naturally regenerates from root saplings once the main trunk has been harvested and is a post disturbance species as well.

LEED ACCEPTED – Rockshield aspen core plywoods are accepted under LEED V4 formaldehyde requirements.