Using wood slabs in your project is a great way to add individuality. Each slab is distinct and has its own story to tell. Each tree’s unique history shines through each slabs rich grain, gnarly character and complex figure.

What are Live Edge Slabs?

Live edge slabs are pieces of lumber cut from a log without the outside edges being trimmed. The live edge slab incorporates the entire natural exterior of the tree, including cambium and bark. Many have limb crotches, curly figure, old nail holes, or other natural characteristics displaying the raw beauty of wood.

What can Live Edge Slabs Be Used for?

Live edge slab pieces are typically used for fireplace mantles, dining room tables, benches, shelving, conference room tables, and desks. They are also often used in various bartop and countertop applications. They are also a current design trend featured in many high design restaurants and bars.

Wood slab countertops can be made of one piece of wood or book-matched with two pieces from the same tree to look like one piece. This functional item will help give your kitchen character and will make it a unique room in which to work and relax.

live edge wood slab dining table        live edge wood slab coffeetable

Where Do We Get Live Edge Slabs?

We are proud to purchase our live edge slabs from Eutree Inc., an Atlanta-based company that specializes in processing only urban logs. “They do great work and we are always impressed with the quality of the live edge slabs we get from them,” explains our CEO, Jim Howard.

Owner, Sim Acuff, ran an Atlanta tree service for a decade before founding Eutree. “I got tired of throwing away logs” recalls Acuff, and he knew he wasn’t alone. Tree service workers tend to revere the trees they cut down, particularly the old, grand looking trees that are removed. “It was a shame to send all that nice lumber to the landfill or to see it chipped or to pay to get rid of it.”

No cut of wood reveals the natural beauty of wood like an awe-inspiring slab. Eutree’s generously cut wood slabs showcase the magnificence and character of open grown urban trees.

What Wood Species Are Available?

The wood species that are in stock change depending on what trees are being trimmed or removed. There are many that are typically available, including red oak, white oak, red gum, elm, box elder, poplar, cherry, Lebanese cedar, and pecan/hickory.

Many are kept in stock at our Atlanta location so stop by!