Starting at the ripe old age of 4, Stewart would visit his grandfather’s veneer mill in South Georgia frequently, sparking a lifelong career in the forest products industry. Stewart was born in Thomasville, NC where he worked part-time and summers in furniture plants and lumber yards. He went on to study Wood Science and Technology and minor in Furniture Manufacturing and Management at North Carolina State University. During his 4 years at NC State, he worked as a research technician at Hodges Wood Products Lab performing testing and evaluation of wood products.

Upon graduation, Stewart worked in the furniture industry for 7 years before landing a sales job with DHL Nordisk, Inc. He spent 25 years with DLH Nordisk, Inc. in leadership roles that included negotiations with domestic and international suppliers, staff development and new product launches. He traveled extensively in South and Central America, as well as in Europe and Africa, working his way up to the position of President and CEO of DHL’s North American division.

In 2016, Stewart joined AHC Hardwood Group as our Import Lumber Specialist and immediately added a new level of depth to our leadership team.  Stewart doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, getting up early, or working late. In his free time he enjoys developing new products and promotion.  Stewart has a lifetime worth of forest products industry knowledge and experience. His history coupled with his work ethic makes him extremely valuable to any forest products team, we are lucky to have him!

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