The Next Step in Wood Drying Technology – Thermally Modified Wood

thermally_modified_lumber_exterior_benchAtlanta Hardwood Corporation is pleased to announce they have added a thermal modification kiln to its integrated line of wood products manufacturing. The closed-system pressure vessel will provide thermally modified lumber for use in applications where decay resistance and stability are crucial.

“We are excited about the addition of a thermal modification kiln at White County Mouldings in Cleveland, GA,” says Hal Mitchell, President of Atlanta Hardwood Corporation. “The closed-system, pressurized kiln utilizes proven European technology and is the first of its kind in North America. By treating under pressure, we can maintain EMC levels in the wood providing stress-free, thermally modified lumber for superior stability and exceptional resistance to weather and fungi-related deterioration”.

What is Thermal Modified Wood?

VikingWood™ is a natural, chemical-free material which is treated under extremely high temperatures (400oF+). Sugars are cooked away leaving a safe, green alternative to chemically preserved wood.

When hardwood is thermally modified, the process permanently alters the wood’s chemical and physical properties when temperatures over 400˚F are reached. The thermal modification process reduces the equilibrium wood moisture content down to a very low range of 5-6%.

Benefits of VikingWood™

Stability – increased dimensional stability, with less cupping / warping.

Decay Resistance – heat removes the sugar-based, food source for insects and fungi, resulting in a durable interior and exterior product.

Repels Moisture – the heat process fundamentally changes the hygroscopic ability of wood, reducing the wood’s ability to absorb moisture up to 85%.

Chemical-Free – naturally durable hardwood product without the use of chemicals.

Chocolate Brown Patina – a rich, deep chocolate brown appearance brings an unexpected tropical look.

Design Applications for Thermally Modified Hardwood

VikingWood™ has a versatile range of design applications, both exterior and interior.


What Wood Species Are Offered?

VikingWood™ thermally modified lumber will be offered in: Poplar, Ash, Sweet Gum, Red Oak, Red Grandis, Soft Maple, Cypress, Eastern White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine

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