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Atlanta Hardwood Corporation

Atlanta Hardwood Corporation is a wholesale drying yard specializing in Appalachian hardwoods.

All of our plants have covered loading facilities to assure that you receive dry lumber, even during adverse weather conditions. Our premium hardwood is air-dried under sheds to guarantee flat, bright lumber. Covered air-drying sheds, computerized kiln controls, variable-speed fans, equalizing and conditioning ensure a consistent, high-quality product. As an industry leader we have been innovative in finger-jointing hardwoods and offer a variety of remanufacturing services, including surfacing, straight-line ripping and gang-ripped blanks. Our state-of-the-art dimension mill, one million board-feet of kiln capacity and expertise in hardwoods make us your natural resource.

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5596 Riverview Road
Mableton, GA 30126
800 964-7804
(ph) 404 792-2290
(fax) 404 792-2294