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The Architectural Group of Hardwoods Incorporated offers a variety of resources for the architect and design professionals, from product literature and spec sheets, to training and continuing education opportunities. Click one of the buttons below to investigate the resources on this page.

Training/CEU Literature/Specs Links to Associations

Training and Continuing Education

A selection of approved training programs is available through the Architectural Group at Hardwoods Incorporated. Qualified specialists for continuing education present these programs for CE units. They are approved by a variety of certifying organizations, including the AIA. To schedule a CE “Lunch and Learn,” please contact one of the architectural specialists at veneer@hardwoodweb.com. Included among these programs are the following:

Decorative Hardwood Plywood & Interior Air Quality,
presented by Columbia Forest Products
View Details
AWI Modules – Veneer Solutions & Panel Product Standards
presented by Flexible Materials
View Details
Composite Panels, presented by SierraPine View Details
Wrapped Mouldings, presented by Contact Industries View Details

Additionally, our architectural specialists are available to present an in-depth training program about specifying veneers. If you are interested in a customized presentation for you and your associates, please contact veneer@hardwoodweb.com.

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Literature and Specifications

VikingWood™ Spec Sheet

Cypress Spec Sheet

Fiji Mahogany Spec Sheet

Red Grandis Spec Sheet

Vertical Grain Fir Spec Sheet

Architectural Panels

For technical assistance when specifying veneer, please review our Veneer and Architectural Panels Technical Reference Guide, or contact one of our architectural specialists at veneer@hardwoodweb.com.
Hardwood Flooring For details about hardwood flooring or engineered wide plank flooring from Hakwood, please review the Hardwoods Incorporated flooring brochure.
Moulding A wide variety of hardwood mouldings are available through Hardwoods Incorporated. Our mouldings are produced at our mill in Cleveland, GA. In addition to the profiles illustrated in our catalogue, we can create custom moulding to specification. For more information about our moulding capabilities, please contact a specialist from the Architectural Group at veneer@hardwoodweb.com, or visit the moulding section of our site.
Distribution Centers The Hardwoods Incorporated product catalogue includes an overview of all of the products stocked in our distribution centers, from hardwood lumber to high-pressure laminates and industrial panels. To explore our catalogue in detail, please click the catalogue image and then choose the section you would like to review.

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Product Web Link Material Safety Data Technical Data Sheet CSI Specification Guide
Extira CMI International/Extira MSDS CSI
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
UltraStock™ Premium Temple-Inland/UltraStock MSDS SPEC
Arreis SierraPine/Arreis MSDS SPEC
Medex SierraPine/Medex MSDS SPEC
Medite II SierraPine/Medite II MSDS SPEC  
Medite FR SierraPine/Medite FR MSDS SPEC  
Particleboard (PB)
TemStock™ Temple-Inland/TemStock MSDS SPEC  
Encore SierraPine/Encore MSDS SPEC  
Bendable Boards
Neatflex Bendy Ply Neat Concetps/NeatFlex Bendy Ply MSDS SPEC  
Neatflex Bendy PIP Neat Concetps/NeatFlex PIP SPEC  
Neatflex Fire Retardant Neat Concetps/NeatFlex FR  
Neatform Bendy MDF Neat Concetps/Bendy MDF SPEC  
Panval UniBoard/Panval MSDS SPEC  
NuGreen Particle Board UniBoard/NU Green PB MSDS SPEC  
Hardwood Plywood
Veneer Core CFP/Pure Bond MSDS SPEC  
MDF Core FMI  
Natural Veneer
Paperback FMI/Flexwood MSDS  
Woodback FMI/Flexwood WOW MSDS  
PolyBak FMI/Flexwood PolyBak  
Composite Veneer
Brookline® Veneer Brookside/Composite SPEC CSI
Brookline® Paperback Brookside/Composite  
Braewood® Prefinished Brookside/Composite SPEC CSI
Alpi Wood® Prefinished Brookside/Alpi Wood  
Veneer Fleece Backed PG FMI/Woodtrim MSDS  
Veneer Paper Backed FMI/Woodtrim MSDS  
Composite Veneer Brookside/Edgebanding  
PVC Teknaform/PVC Edgebanding SPEC  
Hardwood Lumber AHC/Lumber
Cypress     SPEC  
Fiji Mahogany     SPEC  
Red Grandis   SPEC  
Tali Decking   SPEC  
Vertical Grain Fir   SPEC  
Hardwood Mouldings WCM/Mouldings
Veneer-Wrapped Mouldings
Veneer on Hardwood Contact Industries  
Veneer on Softwood Contact Industries  
Veneer on MDF Contact Industries  
Veneer on Aluminum Contact Industries  
Veneer on PVC Contact Industries  
Hardwood Flooring, Solid Planks WCM/Flooring
Hardwood Flooring, Engineered HakwoodUSA/Engineered MSDS SPEC
Arborite Laminates
HPDL All Grades Arborite/Laminates MSDS SPEC  
Deco Metal Arborite/Metal Laminates MSDS SPEC  
Fire Rated Arborite MSDS SPEC  
ArboChem Arborite MSDS SPEC  
Liri Laminates
HPL Standard Grade Liri MSDS SPEC  
HPL Postforming Grade Liri MSDS SPEC  
Metals Liri   SPEC  
Unichrome Liri   SPEC  

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Links to Associations

American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA)
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
The Architectural Woodwork Institute
Composite Panel Association (CPA)
Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association (HPVA)
Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA)
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
National Association of Store Fixture Manufacturers (NASFM)
Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.)
National Building Materials Distributors Association (NBMDA)
United States Green Building Council (USGBC)
Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (WMMPA)
Wood Products Manufacturers Association (WPMA)
California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Collaborative for High Performance Schools(CHPS)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)