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Bending Panels

Flexible MDF products from Neat Concepts provide adaptable, expansive design options for architects, designers and cabinet makers. Great new fabrication techniques are possible with bending panels because fabricators can easily create frameless, free-form custom curves. These revolutionary flexible timber materials are being specified for some of the most stylish interior designs in retail and refurbishment projects across the country.

Both Neatform and Neatflex are the ultimate material for constructing curved surfaces in commercial and domestic applications, for everything from reception desks to exhibition stands and innovative architectural features. These unique and innovative products are ideal for those wanting to create unusual, curved surfaces in custom installations.

Product benefits:
  • A uniquely flexible bending substrate
  • Durable and ideal for finishing
  • Ready to paint or stain
  • Follows the intended curve without bumps or hollows
  • A full range of custom curves can be fabricated easily
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